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By Starr Durrant

What would your feathers say?

The Family Gratitude Turkey
Most of you will remember the much loved  gratitude turkey craft project we all made in elementary school or now get as gifts from our kids or grand kids, well here’s a new twist on an old favorite that involves the whole family adding a feather of gratitude. What a great way to teach your children about the true spirit of Thanksgiving and remind yourselves and your children how fortunate you are and the importance of making time to be thankful for that.

The Family Gratitude Turkey Inspiration
I was remembering back to when my grandson gave me this beautiful  turkey centerpiece with words of what he was grateful for written on the feathers. Not only did it serve as a show stopper centerpiece at dinner, it was a very special and meaningful gift with the feathers symbolizing what Thanksgiving is all about. I got to thinking it might not be such a bad thing for the adults to put into words what they are grateful for too and that was the inspiration for the family gratitude turkey. I wish I’d thought of it thirty years ago.

The Family Gratitude Turkey –  Memories
Get creative and make a family gratitude turkey or add to the one your child brings home from school and over the years watch your memories and gratitude grow!


The Grateful Turkey Kids Craft for Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I’m so excited to share another great project from Lulu Spencer!  Do you have a box of old pattern packages, or even newer ones? Framing them is a an easy, affordable and creative way to give your  sewing or craft room walls a unique, colorful fashion make-over that’s fun and funky. If you have sewing pattern packages that are just sitting in a box; dig them out and give this a try!


Re-purposed Framed Vintage Sewing Pattern

I love how she left the Simplicity label on the side visible and these 60’s pj’s are super cute! This project is simple to make and if you don’t have any pattern packages you can usually find vintage ones at most thrift stores. Remember – it doesn’t have to be a retro pattern; you might want to frame a pattern  of something special you’ve made or something you’ve never made but love just the same.

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By Starr Durrant

In under 30 minutes and for under $5.00 I was able to put together a great little one of a kind patio set that Barbie can use to enjoy those lazy summer days!


DIY Barbie Doll Patio

I like to be creative in terms of re-purposing and as a huge fan of the dollar stores and Barbies, I’m always on the look out for ways to convert something intended for one use into something completely new. Hopefully this inspires you to look at things in a different way and find your own dollar store treasures that you can re-purpose with or for your Barbie enthusiast. You will be surprised how much kids enjoy playing with toys they’ve made themselves: they learn how to embrace imperfection, how to recycle, how to be resourceful and how to occupy their time with creative endeavors that gives them a sense of accomplishment and achievement, so dig through the junk drawer or take a trip to the dollar store together and see what you can turn into Barbie magic!


DIY Barbie Doll Patio Set

When I found these cute little candle holder chairs, all I needed to do was remove the candle and cover the seat with some colorful duct tape. It just doesn’t get any easier! They came in a variety of colors and only cost $1.25 each and I wish I had bought more because these would make great gifts!


Re-purposed DIY Barbie Doll Lawn Chair

One issue I had was the size of the candle holder hole – it was too large to cover with one strip of tape so I chose to go with two strips; one going either direction. You can also add a strip of tape to the upper panel of each chair as well.



DIY Re-purposed Barbie Doll Lawn Chair

The patio table is an individual cupcake holder also from the dollar store. It comes with a little spatula to lift up the cupcake so when I removed that – there is a gap on the top of it. To address that, I glued on a circular polka dot tag from a gift bag and it even has a  pattern similar to the tape on the chairs.


DIY Re-purposed Cupcake Holder Barbie Doll Table

Because I’m making this project to go along with a refurbished doll house for friends of mine I dug out an old piece of that plastic grass, a white lace rack and plastic flowers all from the Edmonton Re-use Centre and painted it pink before gluing the flowers on. If you wanted to make a trellis and didn’t have this type of thing available you can build one using plastic straws, kabob sticks or pop-cycle sticks and plastic or silk flowers; all these supplies are available at your local dollar store.  I went with a hot pink trellis because the outside of the doll house will be white and I want it to stand out; that and experience has taught me that little girls who love Barbie’s can’t get enough hot pink and purple so when I’m making gifts, I try to incorporate those colors where I can. In place of grass you could use green construction paper or fabric.


Your little one probably has all sorts of accessories she can add like a little ball, sunglasses or a little pet figurine and if not, these types of things are always available at the dollar stores. For drinking glasses you can cut off a half inch colored straw or in some case little pen parts work perfect.


DIY Barbie Doll Patio Set

In under 30 minutes and for under $5.00 I was able to put together a great little one of a kind patio set that Barbie can use to enjoy those lazy summer days! Don’t forget to share this with your kids – you’ll be amazed at what wonderful ideas they will come up with for themselves.

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