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DIY – Creative Centerpiece For That Special Occasion

By Starr Durrant

Center pieces are a fun and creative way to brighten up your table. You’ve put the time into preparing that special meal; now showcase it on a table set with a stunning arrangement that is equally impressive and lets your guests know how much you care.

Center Piece from
Center Piece from

What you need
A fresh bouquet of your choice from flower shop or super market
A dish or bowl no more than 3 inches deep
Two Wine Glasses
Adhesive Jewels
A few scented candles in small glass containers ( can be found at most dollar stores)
Ice cubes

#1 – Wine Glass Candle Holder
This Mother’s Day I decided to do my own version of the upside down wine glass/candle holder idea.  I added to it by embellishing it with some self-adhesive jewels to give each glass base a bit more sparkle. These jewels can be removed easily afterwards so the wine glass can be restored to its original purpose without damage. I melted a bit of wax on the base of the glass before placing the candle on to it to avoid it falling off if the table were to be bumped. I used two regular wine glasses on either side of the floral arrangement and a martini glass in the center of the floral arrangement so the base was lower and could be hidden by the flowers.

#2 – Floating Flower Arrangements
This is a great way to display fresh flowers! Cut the stem 2 inches below the base of the flowers. Fill a shallow dish (2 to 3 inches deep) with water and place your wine or martini glass in the centre upside down. Now add 5 – 8 ice cubes – this keeps the flowers perky and vibrant (add ice -cubes daily to extend the life of your flowers) I used a mixed bouquet of bright colors for spring and lots of pink for Mother’s Day theme.

fresh flower centerpiece
fresh flower centerpiece

Don’t be afraid to play around with variations, remember, you don’t have to flip the wine glasses upside down – you can leave them upright and put the candle in; and maybe tie a colorful ribbon to the stem. Change up the colors or scents of candles and select the  flowers that match your theme or preferences.  Instead of self adhesive jewels you can decorate glasses with sparkles, beads, or strings of pearls.

Easy, fast, affordable and BEAUTIFUL!!!

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