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DIY – Stylish and Functional Barbie Luggage

Created by Starr Durrant
Cell phone case converted to luggage – pleasure and business!! Your dolls can go on all sorts of holiday adventures with these stylish, re-purposed, functional luggage sets.

DIY Barbie Luggage
DIY Barbie Luggage

Holiday Luggage
Fabric Cell Phone Case or Metal Credit Card Holder Frame from foam curlers (see Picture Below)
Small buttons for wheels
Strong Adhesive Tape
Tacky Glue and Glue Gun



Barbie Luggage
Handle – Pull the frame of the foam curler apart until you just have the rectangular piece. Apply to the top back of the cell phone or metal card holder case with tacky glue and cover in tape to increase strength.

Wheels – Take individual straight rod piece from curler frame and glue buttons to each end. Glue this axel to base of cell phone or card holder case for wheels and place piece of colored tape over top for added strength.

Leather Carry On Bag – Cut a 3 inch piece of a black belt from an old coat or purse strap. Fold it over and place a string in to act as a strap. Fold again and glue with glue gun.

These suitcases open so they can be packed and repacked for every trip –  a great hit with Barbie enthusiasts!

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