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DIY Bassinet For Barbie (Beginners Barbie Crafts Series – Project 2)

DIY Barbie Bassinet or Baby Shower Decoration
DIY Barbie Bassinet or Baby Shower Decoration

I’ve had a number of requests to share some Barbie DIY projects that are easy enough for kids or moms and grandmas to make with their little Barbie enthusiast even if they have no experience crafting. This is Project 2 in the beginners Barbie Craft series. You can find a link to Project 1 at bottom of page.

As with a majority of my projects, I set myself a task to create something with repurposed elements available to me. This quick little project was inspired by a trip to the Edmonton Reuse Center where at the bottom of a bin I found a package of baskets, the perfect size for a Barbie bassinet. Having immediately set my mind to a purpose for this new found treasure, I dug through the ribbon and lace and found the ideal accents. I was thrilled to find about 10″ of thin pink ribbon that says “It’s a Girl” and a half used package of pink roses.

My initial thinking was for a Barbie doll accessory but I also think these little baskets would work great for place settings at a baby shower, maybe as napkin holders or for mints?

The How To  is pretty self-explanatory and requires nothing more than a little basket which can be purchased at any craft store or dollar store, some glue and a few piece of lace, a touch of tulle, and any additional ribbon or embellishments.

If you are a youngster and don’t have access to ribbon or lace, consider using tissue paper, colored Kleenex, or wrapping paper ribbon. Sometime if you look through your dolls old clothes or your own, you can repurpose parts of them as well – but ask your mom first!

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