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Lily Fairy 2016

By Starr Durrant

I started creating flower fairies last year for my daughter’s lily pots and they are always so much fun to make! I love the idea of up-cycling silk flowers and little dolls I rescue from the thrift shops. Each celebration dinner, I create a unique fairy using a flower that represents the season and this Easter I used the Starburst Lily.

Easter Lily Fairy 2016

There are no rules here – just deconstruct the flowers and play around until you come up with something you like.

Fairy Supplies

With this fairy – I removed her head and clipped off the base of one lily – I placed it upside down over her neck, added a smaller white daisy for a collar and then replaced her head. Using the glue gun, I added some wings and glitter and little silk flower for a hat.


Add a 12″ stick to your Fairies and insert them into the lily pot!

Here are some of my past flower pot fairy creations. If you love fairies – these are easy and fun to make!

Have A Fairy Happy Easter!

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