Barbie Doll Projects

DIY Barbie Patio Set From Re-purposed Dollar Store Finds


How To Make Easy Sparkling Barbie Doll Purses (Beginners Barbie Craft Series #4)


Beautiful Easy To Make Barbie Doll Sofa

Zebra Sofa
Barbie Bath Towel Collection Tutorial (Beginners Barbie Crafts Series – Project 3)

Barbie Towel Collection

DIY Bassinet For Barbie (Beginners Barbie Crafts Series – Project 2)

DIY Bassinet

How To: DIY Barbie Brunch Hollywood Style

Series 2-4 Fancy Brunch

DIY Barbie Boutique

Barbie Retail Fashion Display

How To Make A Hair Salon For Barbie

DIY Hair Salon

DIY – Stylish and Functional Barbie Luggage

DIY Luggage

DIY – Barbie Workout Collection (Beginners Barbie Crafts Series – Project 1)

DIY Workout Set



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