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Be A Guest Blogger

Are you interested in sharing a recipe, craft or home and garden DIY projects? If so please submit your content and pictures via email to for review and title it Blog Submission (with title of project)

Why Guest Blog?

If you don’t have a blog but would like to share your wonderful project I can help with that!

This is a great opportunity to build your blogging or writing resume and also allows helps me build content for my blog site. I give you full credit and an introduction with a link of your choice.

Topic and content must be relevant to the general content of my blog. For example – How to repair a generator would not be a good fit.

Your article must be well written and well organized to be considered. Please view an example by Lulu Spencer’s How To Make A Baby Blanket With Beautiful Appliques. or How to Set Up the Perfect Home Office By Guest Blogger Mary Sauer  Both these submissions were sent into me with well organized content and labeled picture. These type of submission are most likely to be published. I may edit slightly but will send a draft prior to publishing but the content must arrive complete.

Your content must include a minimum of 2 quality pictures for a small project and more in if there is a lot of steps involved in description.

Your content must be your own and your picture must be taken by you or royalty and copyright free

I reserve the right to adjust or edit before publishing

There are no fee’s paid to guest bloggers nor do I earn any form of income myself from this blog. It is purely a forum from which to share with others.

Not all submissions are published. You will be contacted if your submission is chosen for publication and will not be contacted if it has not. If you aren’t selected please don’t feel bad! It may be that I am after a certain style or topic of blog – it is not always about submission quality.

Craft or DIY projects should include a reasonable over view of how-to with accompanying pictures.

You can include links to your site.

Submit your content and pictures via email to for review and title Blog Submission.






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