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By Starr Durrant

If you are like me, you have a stack of gift bags put away from last years Christmas and despite that – you’ve bought more! Finding myself with more gift bags than gifts, I decided to recycle a few of my favorites and with just a few simple steps created some pretty Christmas decor accents you can display in your home at Christmas or give as gifts.

1 Collage

If you have scissors and glue – you can do this! Just cut up the bag and glue to the candle holders or vase. If  you’re making a picture – cut to size and insert into frame. These make beautiful home decor accents or gifts and fast, affordable and EASY!

Red Gift Bag Accents

Try these easy place mats and napkin rings! Just cut off the panel of medium sized bag and add ribbon down the side to cover the handle holds. Cut a piece and loop and glue for napkin rings. There are so many beautiful designs and textures of bags, something for everyone and great fun for the kids table too!


Place mat and napkin ring from reused gift bag

Candy cane place mat from reused gift bag

If you have kids, you’ll love this idea! Buy or reuse an extra large gift bag. Remove the front panel and glue it to a piece of foam board – its that easy. The handle makes a natural hanger and these would be great fun for kids to decorate their bedrooms. Even if you don’t have foam board (available at dollar stores) you can just hand it as is as well.

Gift Bag Poster

There are endless gift bags and as many possibilities for recycling them! I hope these simple, affordable Christmas DIY  ideas inspire you to make your own recycled Christmas magic!

EASY Christmas Candy Cane Soap & Holder Tutorial
DIY Christmas Candy-Cane Napkin and Mint Holder
EASY Christmas Candy Cane Soap & Holder Tutorial

By Starr Durrant

What would your feathers say?

The Family Gratitude Turkey
Most of you will remember the much loved  gratitude turkey craft project we all made in elementary school or now get as gifts from our kids or grand kids, well here’s a new twist on an old favorite that involves the whole family adding a feather of gratitude. What a great way to teach your children about the true spirit of Thanksgiving and remind yourselves and your children how fortunate you are and the importance of making time to be thankful for that.

The Family Gratitude Turkey Inspiration
I was remembering back to when my grandson gave me this beautiful  turkey centerpiece with words of what he was grateful for written on the feathers. Not only did it serve as a show stopper centerpiece at dinner, it was a very special and meaningful gift with the feathers symbolizing what Thanksgiving is all about. I got to thinking it might not be such a bad thing for the adults to put into words what they are grateful for too and that was the inspiration for the family gratitude turkey. I wish I’d thought of it thirty years ago.

The Family Gratitude Turkey –  Memories
Get creative and make a family gratitude turkey or add to the one your child brings home from school and over the years watch your memories and gratitude grow!


The Grateful Turkey Kids Craft for Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I’m so excited to share another great project from Lulu Spencer!  Do you have a box of old pattern packages, or even newer ones? Framing them is a an easy, affordable and creative way to give your  sewing or craft room walls a unique, colorful fashion make-over that’s fun and funky. If you have sewing pattern packages that are just sitting in a box; dig them out and give this a try!


Re-purposed Framed Vintage Sewing Pattern

I love how she left the Simplicity label on the side visible and these 60’s pj’s are super cute! This project is simple to make and if you don’t have any pattern packages you can usually find vintage ones at most thrift stores. Remember – it doesn’t have to be a retro pattern; you might want to frame a pattern  of something special you’ve made or something you’ve never made but love just the same.

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