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DIY Christmas Candy Cane Napkin & Mint Holder

By Starr Durrant

This DIY Candy Can Napkin & Mint Holder is such an easy project and great way to add that festive mood to your Christmas table setting! Your guests will enjoy the special and unique touches at your Christmas dinner table and you re-use them year after year.


Candy Can Napkin and Mint Holder 1



What You Need
Mini candy canes
Hot Glue

How To Make a DIY Candy Can Napkin & Mint Holder
Using your glue gun – flip over the mini candy canes so the curved parts are at the bottom and glue the base of them together at the top. You can glue on a mint or decorative accent to cover the top of the glued base, I found a package of little Christmas erasers that worked great!  Make sure that two of the candy canes are facing one direction and the third is facing the opposite  (like an easel)

Candy Can Napkin and Mint Holder 4

Fold your napkins together and insert into the side with two curves and then insert the  mint into the single candy cane curve. Place it at the table setting with the mint forward.  It’s that easy!

Candy Can Napkin and Mint Holder 6

Candy Can Napkin and Mint Holder 7

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