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DIY Duct Tape Bows For Little Chics

1 Duct Tape Hair Band

These cute and easy to make duct tape bows are a great project for all ages and skill levels and would be a fun way to spend some special mother/daughter time together this Easter with your little chic.  You can add your bows to hair bands, barrettes, or pony tail elastics. Just head to the dollar store to buy your Easter themed duct tape and some hair accessories.

Hair collection

How To Make A Bow – Adjust the length of duct tape to reflect the size of bow you want. The following bow was approximately 6″ long and folded in on itself to meet in the middle for a 4″ piece. Then fold 4″ strip back and forth lengthwise like a paper fan and glue the middle together before wrapping the center in small piece of ribbon or strip of tape. It’s that easy!

Duct Tape Easter Hair Bow
I’ve made these bows for Easter but there are so many variations of duct tape designs available now that you could make different bows and hair accessories for all your special occasions and holiday celebrations. This would also be a great activity for a little girls party!

Duct Tape Hair Accessories

Happy Easter!

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DIY Duct Tape Decorating Ideas for Easter

By Starr Durrant

These fun and easy duct tape decorating ideas are great for all ages and skill levels!  Look for the Easter themed Duct Tape at your local craft or dollar store and go bunnyanas!

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Using the Easter duct tape, it’s fun and easy to decorate a vase, candle or candy dish and by adding some ribbon or embellishments you can get creative and make it your own. These are just some ideas but you could decorate napkin holders, salt & pepper shakers, picture frames, and so much more! I found two different patterns of Easter tape that appealed to me but there are lots of different designs to choose from.

Happy Easter!

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