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Amazing Repurposed Bird Baths: Get Inspired!

Well it’s that time of year again to get creative in the yard, so as curator of the Hometalk DIY Bird Bath Board, I’m happy to report there are a number of new insanely cool additions this spring and 37 continues to grows.

If you don’t have a lot of experience with DIY projects; bird baths are great projects to start with so take a look, get inspired and give it a try. It only took me 5 minute to make the Purple Vase and Plate Bird Bath and it turned out to be my favorite project ever! If you’ve made a bird bath (or anything else for that matter) don’t forget to share your projects with the friendly and welcoming Hometalk community and learn more about what other members are up to. Visit me there!


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DIY Bird Bath From Repurposed Vase and Plate

DIY Bird Bath from vase and bowl

DIY Bird Bath from vase and bowl

By Starr Durrant

This bird bath project took about 5 minutes to complete – it just doesn’t get any easier! This repurposed vase and plate were the perfect second-hand finds.

I spotted the vase in a corner of a thrift shop, obscured by a variety of other items. As soon as I saw it I fell in the love the shimmering purples, pinks and greens of the mosaic design and immediately knew it would make an ideal stand for a bird bath if it was inverted with the base up. With that thought in mind, I turned my attention to the shelves stacked with dinnerware and serving bowls and there it was – a large purple circular serving plate; the perfect color and size with a wonderful texture on the underside that looked like water drops. It was simply meant to be!

I applied a glass adhesive available in any hardware or craft store and for under $12.00 including the cost of the glue I was able to create a unique and colorful  addition to my deck that is both beautiful and functional.

I hadn’t consider how sunlight would reflect through the vase resulting in a spectrum of color patterns – absolutely stunning! At night  I add a little battery operated light under the vase and  I have a kaleidoscope of warm color that lights up the deck.

For More Bird Bath Idea’s Check Out Hometalks Bird Bath Board for 37 insanely cool ideas and share your bird bath creations!

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