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DIY Smurf – Lets Party!

By Starr Durrant

Everyone loves a good party! Not that long ago my girlfriend had asked me to refurbish her old doll house for her son so I converted it into a hunting and fishing lodge. Then……. a wonderful surprise! She announced they had a little girl on the way. I thought it might be nice to make her something special since the doll house was now a mini man cave. This project, like all my projects, was made with recycled finds from the Edmonton Reuse Centre ,thrift stores and garage sales as well as a few re-purposed elements.

I was inspired by the Smurf I purchased in a bag of miscellaneous from a garage sale and that’s where the project began. Instantly it reminded me of my own daughter back in the day who loved to put on parties for her dolls and I decided that given the Smurf is holding a gift, this might be the way to go. So, how do you create a Smurf playroom and doll party? Recycle a few great finds, blend them with some creative repurposed and handmade elements and party on!

These display boxes are available at a number of craft and department stores, I bought this one at Target. You could also use a box or build one from foam board.

This doll house is an old Christmas wooden ornament. I had this kicking around but I’ve seen ones similar at the dollar store during Christmas season. I didn’t have to do anything more than glue it down, can it get any easier? The tiny dolls are worry dolls, my favorite element. What are worry dolls? Well, they are teeny tiny dolls that come in a little basket that you stick under your pillow; before you go to sleep, you pass on your worries to the dolls and let them work it out while you snooze peacefully, or that’s what they claim. Again, something I’ve had in my box of “This or That” waiting to be reused. These may not be so easy to find but if you wanted to make your own, use two tiny pieces of a tooth pick and glue together like a little stick man, wrap in some fabric for clothes and add a bead to the top for a head.

The cabinet is made from cardboard, a box lid and decorated in fabric, paper and ribbon. I filled the shelves with some tiny dolls I found in a package at the Edmonton Reuse Centre, they are colorful and adorable. The purple doll is sitting on a miniature chair that I bought years ago. It was brown metal so I painted it pink and am thrilled it finally has a home!  Another great addition to the shelves is the little doll house also from the  Edmonton Reuse Centre that I painted pink as well. The bear is cut out from a card that I glued to a decorated hair spray lid.

The table is the lid to a box, it was already pink with stripes so a perfect find! I added some doweling for legs and a bit of ribbon for trim and it’s good to go. The chairs where a bit more challenging. I used stiff cardboard covered in pink DUCK tape and bent into shape. I then used toothpicks for the legs. The issue here was with stability when I tried to glue the toothpicks to the underside of the chair so I glued one end of each chair leg into a bead and then I had a bigger surface to glue to the chair. I added some plastic balloons that I was fortunate enough to find in the same bag of miscellaneous that the Smurf was in and that added to the party ambiance.

No party is complete without presents! I had one present that was a find at the Edmonton Reuse Centre and worked perfect. These could be made easily with a Cricut. In addition I wrapped candy and dice up, added ribbon and we’re ready for gift opening!

I hope this inspire you find new purposes for old things. Party On!

Smurf Party

Smurf Party Diorama

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Old Doll House Turned Mini Man Cave!

By Starr Durrant

Repurposed Doll House

Repurposed Doll House

A friend of mine asked if I would be able to convert her old doll house into something that her son might enjoy. It had been a cherished childhood gift and it was evident that in its current state, it was not of any interest to her little boy. After some consideration, I decided to incorporate the families tradition of going to the cabin and embracing the outdoors so what better than a fishing lodge!

So here is what it looked like when I started and following that, descriptions that provide a brief overview of the hand-made elements I incorporated to create a rustic decor. I hope this gives you some new ideas and inspires you to repurpose your old doll house into something new!!

Doll House

Wood Plank Flooring (see below)
The wood flooring was made using the wooden strips from a table place-mat. I took it apart and had the perfect size strips of wood to begin building a hardwood plank floor. These are very easy to cut to size with a good pair of scissors. I cut the pieces and made sure everything fit before gluing and was careful to stager them so it was more reflective of a natural wood floor. Once I had it all laid and was certain the pieces all fit well together – I glued them to the existing floor.

Bear Skin Rug (see above)
I used a piece of faux fur cut in the shape of a bear rug and glued it to a large piece of felt that was the same shape but slightly larger than the fur.

Miniature Wood Flooring
Made from wooden dollar store place mat that I deconstructed and cut at different lengths so the boards all had alternating seams and then stained it.

Fishing Rods (see below)
These are made from kabob sticks that have been cut to size and painted. I glued small mental washers that I found in my husband’s tool cabinet where he keeps tiny nuts, bolts, screws and so forth. On top of that I glued a small bead to make it look like the reel. Glue a thread or string from the tip of the rod to the reel and add at tape at the bottom for a handle and you’re ready to go fishing!

Series 13-2 fishing lodge - Copy - Copy

Wall Mounted Taxidermy (see above)
I don’t even know what animal this is but it was originally a full body plastic toy. I cut the head off, glued it to a cardboard cut out and then glued that to the wall.

Rock Fire Place (see below)
This is the lid of a box with a section cut out for the logs. I covered the box in plaster and added tiny rocks and the painted it with a protective clear coat. The logs are little sticks cut to size and glued in place.

Series 13-2 fishing lodge - Copy

Wall Mounted Fish (see above)
This fish was part of a Christmas ornament I bought at a flea market. For the mounting plaque, I glued two Popsicle sticks together and cut them to size and shape and then stained them. Finally I glued the fish to that and had a perfect wall mounted fish to hang above the fire.

Wood Bed Frame (see below)
This is the lid to a box with 4 twigs cut to size and glued to the corners for the bed posts/legs and covered in a piece of old plaid fabric.

Miniature Wood Bed

Leather Couch and Coffee Table (see below)
This was the original couch that I stained and then glued on a piece of leather from an old purse. The coffee table use to be a regular table for the house but I cut down the legs and stained it to go with the couch.

The rest of the furniture is second-hand finds in keeping with my efforts to always reuse and recycle.

I do commission projects so if you would like a doll house redo and you’re in the Edmonton area – email me at

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